Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Note:- all monitoring phones and software must be used on devices you own. Ideal when tracking your kids for their own safety or managing the cell phone usage of your employees company cell phones.


Call Recording allows you to record all calls and secretly uploads them to your secure web account. After call recording and back ground recording allows you to record what a person says after the call is over.

Social Media

The software allows you to monitor the target phones social media activity, including intimate private conversations. This includes whatsapp, facebook, skype, gmail and sms.

Remote Video & Photos

Remotely trigger the target phone's active camera and capture video without the user's knowledge. As with video recording, the target phone can be set to capture images from the active camera on demand.

Location and GEO fence

Know where the target phone is at all times with "Location on Demand. A GPS leash or geofence enables you to draw boundaries on a map that create perimeters around the target device. If the target device crosses a perimeter line then it will immediately notify you

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